(Weekend Progressive Prizes updated Monday through Friday during business week)

*Check calendar for special sessions.

Monday Combo Session
Progressive Coverall



Tuesday All you can play
Progressive Blind ‘G’ black out
First G out
 during game determines number for Progressive Prize.
$200 Consolation prize



Starting a new 

progressive on

March 18, 2020


Viking Thursday
Progressive Coverall 

 Black out


in #57's or less

$200 Consolation Prize

** Jackpot rolls over into Saturday Late night

Friday ‘X’

Starting a new progressive 

on March 18, 2020

 Saturday SBBB
Bullseye Progressive
Blackout Prize
Evening session


55#'s or less
$200 consolation prize


Saturday Vikings

Late night session Blackout Progressive

in #57's or less $200 consolation prize

** Check Calendar for Strip night Jackpot rolls over to Thursday

Sunday AM
Progressive Blind ‘G’ Blackout

First G out during game determines number for progressive prize.


$200 Consolation Prize 

Sunday PM
Progressive Game at
the Sunday PM session

Starting a new progressive 

on March 18, 2020


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